About us

That’s TV is the home of classic TV broadcasting on Freeview channel 7 / 8 in 20 metro regions and surrounding areas in the UK. The national version of That’s TV is also available on internet-connected Freeview sets (sometimes known as Connected Freeview) on channel 264 UK-wide. At Christmas time we become That’s Christmas – the home of Christmas music and entertainment.

That’s TV brings you music, films an entertainment from the past seven decades and news and information on weekdays.

The That’s TV Network is part of the That’s Media group of companies, the largest operator of commercially-funded local TV licences in the UK.

You can find That’s TV on your television in the following locations:

West Scotland – Freeview channel 8
Central Scotland – Freeview channel 8
Edinburgh – Freeview channel 8
East Scotland – Freeview channel 8
North Scotland – Freeview channel 8

Swansea Bay – Freeview channel 8 & Virgin Media channel 159

Cumbria – Freeview channel 8
Lancashire – Freeview channel 7
Manchester – Freeview channel 7

York – Freeview channel 8
North Yorkshire – Freeview channel 7
Humber – Freeview channel 7 & Virgin Media channel 159

East Anglia – Freeview channel 7 & Virgin Media channel 159
West Anglia – Freeview channel 7 & Virgin Media channel 159

South Midlands – Freeview channel 7
Thames Valley – Freeview channel 7
Surrey – Freeview channel 7
Hampshire – Freeview channel 7
Solent – Freeview channel 7
Salisbury / Wessex – Freeview channel 7

Company Details: That’s TV Network Limited registered with company number 10892643 (England and Wales)
Company Details: That’s Media Group Limited registered with company number 07843843 (England and Wales)
Registered Office: 27 Modwen Road, Waters Edge Business Park, Salford, Greater Manchester M5 3EZ, UK

Our principles

The obligation of That’s TV is to serve the public. That’s TV strives to maintain consistent values, standards and processes to secure this aim. That’s TV is committed to diversity and inclusion in all of its activities as a business imperative.

That’s TV and its associated companies aim to make a positive contribution to the communities they serve by operating a sustainable business; to be transparent and provide a safe environment for activities; to promote talent and informed citizenship; to put in place appropriate policies to guard against bribery, corruption and human trafficking within the Group and its supply chains; and to provide a television network which dutifully reflects the interests of its audience. 

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