Frequently asked questions

1. What is the That’s TV Network?

That’s TV and That’s TV Gold are TV networks operated by That’s Media Group. That’s TV Gold is available across the UK and That’s TV is available in 20 metro-regions. The That’s TV schedule includes different programming to That’s TV Gold including some local news and information. That’s TV local services are part of the Local TV Network in the UK which is available on digital terrestrial television (also known as Freeview or YouView) in 34 areas in total. That’s TV or its affiliated companies operate over half of these licences, broadcasting in 20 areas.

2. Do I need to have any special equipment to watch?

You do not need any special television equipment to watch That’s TV local services on Freeview channel 7 or channel 8 (20 locations). You do not need any special television equipment to watch That’s TV Gold on Sky channel 187 (UK wide). You need a Freeview HD compatible television set to watch That’s TV Gold on Freeview channel 91 (available in most of the UK). You need a compatible internet-connected TV to watch That’s TV Gold on the Vision TV platform on Freeview channel 264 (available in most of the UK). If you live within That’s TV’s coverage area and cannot receive the service, you may need to re-tune your TV or upgrade your aerial. Please see the How to Watch section of this website. In addition to its Freeview coverage, That’s TV local services are available on Virgin Media (channel 159) in 4 local areas with a basic subscription.

3. Do you offer work placements or provide studio tours?

That’s TV regrets that it is not currently accepting applications for work placements or studio tours, except from students on recognised journalism courses. For further information, please use the Contact Us form on this website.

4. Can you send me footage your team have filmed?

That’s TV does not sell its local news footage to consumers but many stories are placed on its local Facebook pages where they can be shared. Organisations and businesses may inquire about licensing footage by using the Contact Us section of this website.